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Yale University, located in New Haven, Connecticut was founded in 1701 and is the third oldest institute offering higher education in the United States of America.

The term Yale was in honor to British East India Company's governor Elihu Yale who donated funds to support the institution. Yale University is one of the most prestigious institutions around the world and has a reputation for its undergraduate and graduate programs.

The competition is really tough for those seeking admission to this college. But because of its rigorous study programs, student body, faculty and resources, there is no denying that the educational experience one gains from this University is quite incomparable.

Yale University has over 1000 faculty and reports attendance of over 10,000 graduate and undergraduate students each year. More than two thousand undergraduate courses are offered annually.

The campus spreads to over 837 acres which includes the Yale golf course. Yale has a history of creating notable alumni's -- President George W. Bush, Meryl Streep, and President Bill Clinton to name a few.

Yale's campus is quite diverse and vibrant. People from different ethnicity and geographic regions come to pursue higher education here. In the class of 2013, students reported to have worked and lived in more than 36 countries and could speak over 70 languages. Yale colleges send their regular students for study trips abroad for a semester, summer or even for a year since this program help the students in understanding the actual diversity and give them a wide global exposure.

For a bachelor's degree program at Yale, a student has to complete a total of 36 courses in the period of 8 semesters or four years. It's upon the student to enroll in 4 or 5 courses each semester.

Yale's law school is considered to be the best law school in the United States and has a history of creating distinguished lawyers.

The library of Yale University hold a record collection of over 12 million volumes and boasts of being the second largest university collection in the United States.

The admission figures of Yale for the year of 2016 batch indicated total number 28,975 applications out of which 1,975 were accepted thereby making it the record low acceptance rate of 6.8%. The University provides financial assistance to its students and almost half of them receive scholarships and financial assistance.

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